Answering A Call For Help

 In Bargain Center, Ministry Village

Twenty to 30 inmates are released each month from the Okaloosa County Correctional Institution as they complete their sentences. Because the inmates have no clothes or shoes to wear as they leave prison, each man is given 1 outfit and a pair of shoes. Realizing the jail’s clothing store had become severely limited, Senior Chaplain Gary Wieborg began calling area ministries asking for help. He called several places that told him they couldn’t help locally, but they gave him names and numbers to call at their regional or national offices. He even called one local charity where someone told him, “We accept donations — we don’t give them.”

Knowing the need wouldn’t go away simply because he had hit a few roadblocks, Chaplain Wieborg was unwilling to give up. He called the Ministry Village Bargain Center and spoke with the store manager, Stephanie Wilson. “She was immediately cheerful and kind on the phone, and told me she would get an answer for me right away. Within minutes, she called back and began making arrangements for us to come pickup donations for the men we were trying to help.”

“We do our best every day, in everything we do, to demonstrate that we are part of a greater ministry,” says Stephanie Wilson, Bargain Center manager. “When we have an opportunity like this, to meet a significant need, we are honored to answer that call.” The chaplain’s wife visited the Bargain Center a few days later, and the ladies from the Charis House pulled clothes and shoes in the sizes needed. The items were donated by Ministry Village to the chaplain for the inmates being released.

“I didn’t want the burden to fall entirely on Ministry Village,” said Chaplain Wieborg. “We were able to find donations from a few more places – but dealing with Ministry Village was truly a blessing to us. The employees were kind, courteous and cheerful. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you for what you do through Ministry Village and the Bargain Center. You are truly doing what you say you are here to do – helping those in need. And when we needed your help, you were ready. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.”

The Ministry Village Bargain Center serves our community by offering gently used, high-quality merchandise at bargain center prices for the purpose of generating financial support for the Ministry Village at Olive programs and for providing assistance to the community. 100% of the net profits of the MV Bargain Center support the Ministry Village programs.

The Ministry Village Bargain Center happily accepts donations of your gently used items, Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm. If you have large items you wish to donate, we’ll come to you! Call the Bargain Center at 850-912-8222 to arrange for pickup.

For more information on ways you can serve through the Bargain Center, contact Stephanie Wilson ( For the latest sales and exciting deals, follow the Bargain Center on Facebook.

Ministry Village Bargain Center
3914 N. Davis Hwy., Pensacola

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