Becoming an Overcomer

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Throughout the month of March, we are devoting our blog to the women of the Charis House. Learn about 6 of our most recent Charis House graduates and discover how their lives have been transformed and repurposed by God. *Names have been changed to protect identities and allow a fresh start.


“I grew up in a home of addiction, and had things happen to me that no child should have to endure. By the time I was 11 years old, my dad had received a life sentence in prison. At 12 years old, my mom had remarried to an alcoholic so I started sneaking out. At 13 years old, I was addicted to marijuana and sent to a girls home. When I came back home at 14 years old, I met a guy and moved in with him. The house was just full of meth. When I was 16, the SWAT team kicked the door in. That was the first time of many that I would be put in handcuffs. At age 17, I met my son’s father. We had a relationship for 5 years. It ended poorly. After that, I just started partying and drinking really bad. My life was full of methamphetamines.”

“The stronghold of death had a grip on my life. One of my best friends from middle school, died with her daughter in a fiery car crash. That was the first time I’d lost someone very close to me, and it was hard for me to deal with that. Around the same time, I lost another one of my best friends in a car crash. His family accused me of being the reason why he died, and even though I knew it wasn’t my fault, it was still hard for me to deal with that. In 2012, I went to jail for manufacturing methamphetamines. I stayed clean for over a year, but in 2013 I relapsed, and that’s when I became an IV drug user. My life turned upside down from there. I’d found myself being beat and having loaded guns put to my head. The sound of the rushing bullets have haunted me for many years. In 2014, my Nanny, who was like a mother to me, passed away, but I was incarcerated and unable to attend her funeral. My husband was killed in a car wreck in 2016, but I was also incarcerated at that time and unable to attend his funeral. I was given date rape drugs twice. One time, I have no idea what happened. I just know I fell asleep in one spot and woke up in another spot. The second time, I was given date rape drugs, and I was raped. The words of my rapist just beat me down daily. Everything that I had been through let anger, hate and fear have a stronghold in my life. I could not see because of the mask that addiction had over my eyes, so I continued using, destroying my life and the others around me. I had become my own worst enemy. Looking at myself in the mirror, I didn’t even recognize myself anymore.”

“I was taking Xanax, drinking very heavily, and also using IV methamphetamines. One day, the drug task force kicked in the door, and I was taken to jail for possession of methamphetamines. During that time in jail in 2018, I gave my life to Jesus. Soon after, I was accepted into the Charis House. Charis House has changed my life dramatically. Since being here, my spirit is just so free. I’ve never been set so free in my whole life. I have no strongholds in my life. I have forgiven those people who have wronged me and I am now able to pray for those people. Charis House has taught me a lot. I have matured a whole lot since being in the Charis House and God has just given me a new beginning…a new life. I am not the same person I was whenever I walked through those Charis House doors.”

“Today, I can say, you have not known me until you have known me set free. John 8:36 says, ‘He who the Son sets free shall be free indeed.’ And truly, Jesus has set me free. There are no chains on me. Since I arrived at the Charis House, God has restored the relationship with my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, and my son.”

“My life verse is Psalm 40:2. ‘He picked me up out of a horrible pit. Out of the miry clay. He set my feet upon a rock and established my goings.’ And truly God has done that in my life. The scars on my arms that use to cause me shame, guilt and condemnation are now only reminders of where God has brought me from. Jesus was never ashamed of His scarred hands, and now I’m no longer ashamed of mine for I know they are a part of my testimony. I leave you with Revelation 12:11. ‘And they overcame by the blood of the lamb, and they overcame by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to death.’ I am an overcomer.”

Since graduating from Phase I, Grace has completed her GED, begun attending Pensacola State College and plans to become a paralegal.

✝️ The Charis House is a non-profit Christian-based residential substance abuse program for females. The program is designed in 3 phases, each offering stages of recovery that provide the necessary tools for a practical transition into a new lifestyle free of addiction. The faith-based recovery program addresses the client’s personal relationship with God as the foundation for healing and wholeness. It requires a willingness to change and adhere to a controlled, strict and disciplined environment, allowing life-changing experiences to occur. There is no fee to apply.

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