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Ministry Village at Olive depends greatly on the leadership of its Board of Directors, a voluntary group of individuals who provide guidance and oversight for our organization, meeting regularly to stay engaged in our ministry and keep our vision moving forward. Our board currently consists of 11 members, led by Board Chairman, Dr. Stephen Newsome. Directors rotate off the board after 3 years of service, and new members are welcomed to help lead and direct the mission of our ministry. Over the past year, Ministry Village at Olive has welcomed the following new board members whom we wish to recognize – Kathy Clements, Justin Tyner and Mitch White. This week, you’ll learn a little bit about Kathy Clements.

Kathy & Dr. Sid Clements

For Kathy, joining the MVO Board felt like taking a natural step in how she strives to live her daily life. “John 9:4 states that ‘Believers are under obligation to serve God with their time, talents, and material possessions, and should recognize all these as entrusted to them to use for the glory of God and for helping others.’ That really sums up my underlying philosophy!” Before Kathy joined the board, she was already an active volunteer at the Ministry Village Bargain Center. “I was inspired to get involved with the Bargain Center one day when I donated some items and saw a mountain of unprocessed clothing just waiting to be put out on the sales floor! I saw the cars in the parking lot and all the shoppers in the store and thought, ‘Wow! Maybe I could help the effort to push these clothes out to people who need them!’”

Soon, Kathy began working as a Bargain Center volunteer, processing the donations that came through every day – things like furniture, appliances, kitchen items, garden decor, linens, books, games, purses, and shoes. “People today sell their personal items online, or have garage sales, or sometimes just throw things away. But they are realizing more and more that items can be donated to a store like the Bargain Center, where the money we make goes to charitable causes. And, let’s face it, the same type of items sold at estate sales, garage sales, and antique malls are sold at the Ministry Village Bargain Center. So many of these items are perfectly good – some still have the original tags on them!”

Kathy processing donations with fellow Bargain Center volunteer Margie Adkison

Kathy’s passion for the Bargain Center comes from seeing the desperate needs of so many in our community contrasted with the abundance enjoyed by others – ‘the haves’ and ‘the have nots’. The Bargain Center can connect those two groups, helping to bridge that gap. “There are families who need items for a new apartment, the tornado-ravaged homeowner who needs a new start, a financially-strapped mother needing to clothe her children, the man needing nice clothes for a new job, and teenagers looking for cool accessories at a fraction of the original retail price. The Bargain Center provides a platform to meet those needs, and the money we make supports our other Ministry Village services including the Charis House, The Most Excellent Way, and Tender Hearts Caring Hands. That makes me the hands and feet of Jesus here on Earth — it’s as simple as that!”

Thank you, Kathy, for your willingness to lead and help direct our mission in the community! We appreciate your service on the board, as well as at the Bargain Center!

Next week, we’ll learn a little about new MVO board member Justin Tyner.

For more information on the Bargain Center, including sales and special events, follow them on Facebook at, and on Instagram @MinistryVillageBargains.

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