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Part 3 – Following God’s Lead

In last week’s blog, we took a closer look at some of the women who lead the Charis House. This week, you’ll meet two more members of this precious team and see where God is leading this important ministry.

Ms. D.* worked with Waterfront in their women’s ministry for more than 10 years and has worked at the Charis House now for nearly 3 years. She describes her desire to help the women of the Charis House with passion and conviction. “Working with individuals in addiction is my heart and my life’s calling. I did not always know that, but when I look back over my life, it is apparent God had been grooming me for much of my life to share the Good News with those who either never knew, or forgot they had hope.” As a child of alcoholics, Ms. D. learned over time to be what she calls a “spiritual excavator” – someone who digs deep below the surface to find God’s truth and the spiritual treasure He has placed within each of us. She credits God with giving her the ability to see beyond her parents’ addictions and see the people they were in spite of their destructive behaviors. She uses those same skills every day as she works with the ladies of the Charis House, helping the women to learn, problem-solve, and believe in the promises their futures can hold when they pursue Jesus. She admits that one of the most challenging aspects of her job is staying out of God’s way and letting Him do what she can’t do. But she says her job comes with a tremendous benefit. “My greatest privilege is to be a minister of reconciliation. Having a front row seat to watch God change hearts and lives is a fantastic reward.”

Ms. T.* has worked at the Charis House for 2 years and brings a valuable perspective. She was a client with the Charis House just a few years ago. As a single mom, she was addicted to Lortab and credits the Charis House with restoring her life, which now includes a wonderful teenage granddaughter. The House Manager duties involve managing much of the classwork the clients must complete. Ms. T. also orders the necessary books and handles the ladies’ finances. Keeping everyone on time and on schedule is one of the most stressful aspects of the House Manager job, but Ms. T. does it with a smile. “Watching how God works in the lives of our ladies, helping them restore relationships with their families, and seeing them learn how special they are to Him – that is the best part of my job.”

The House Managers work with the ladies of the Charis House on a daily basis, and they know how precious these women are to so many supporters in our community. They covet everyone’s prayers, not only for the clients but also for themselves. As Ms. T. says, “Not everyone can give financially. Sometimes the best thing we need is prayer. It can become very difficult to manage all the different types of personalities in a home among the ladies and the staff. Prayers help to guide us on how God would have us direct each woman. It helps us so much to know others are keeping us in their prayers.”

Ms. Debbe Jefcoat, Director of Ladies Recovery Ministries for Ministry Village at Olive, is so thankful for the team that God has put together for the Charis House, and is excited to welcome a fourth House Manager to their family this Fall. “Each of our House Managers go over and above what is asked of them. We are so looking forward to our new House Manager starting soon. She will be a great asset to the Charis House ministry.” With the addition of Phase 3 – The Esther House which opened in June 2019 – the Charis House Ministry is poised to continue its life-saving, God-driven work throughout our community for as long as God calls.

*Due to the sensitive nature of their work and the privacy we provide for our clients to heal, names have been withheld.

💻To learn more about the Charis House, click here or contact Debbe Jefcoat at 475-1116 or

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🏡Phase 3 of the Charis House – The Esther House – opened in June 2019 and currently has 3 full-time residents. They are in need of several household items. The Esther House has created an Amazon Wish List, where you can choose needed items, purchase through Amazon and everything will be shipped directly to Ministry Village. To shop through the Esther House wish list, click here.

🙏If you prefer to donate in a more traditional way, Walmart gift cards are always a blessing to the Charis House and the Esther House. Gift cards are used to purchase necessities like towels, toiletries and other household items. Please send gift cards to Ministry Village at Olive, Attention: Ms. Debbe Jefcoat, 1716 E. Olive Road, Pensacola, FL 32514.

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