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The First Esther House Residents Share Their Stories – PART 2

In last week’s blog, we heard from one of the 3 Charis House graduates living in the Esther House on the campus of Ministry Village at Olive. This week, we’ll hear from another woman in the program and learn how the Esther House has been a blessing in her life.

Being accepted into Phase 3 of the Charis House and allowed to move into the Esther House was “an accomplishment I could have never prepared for without the Lord,” says Amanda*. “I could never have even seen the blessing for what it was without Jesus front and center. He gave me a word through and during one of my last struggles before the Esther House transition – ‘perseverance’. Perseverance equals endurance and endurance grows into a sense of accomplishment.”

Transitioning from the strict schedule and oversight of the Charis House into the more self-controlled environment of the Esther House gave Amanda time to adjust to her new freedom “under the safety net of wise counsel.” “The Esther House program has shown me that my relationship with the Lord needs to remain front and center – the most important relationship in my life. The voice of the Lord must be the one that truly guides me.”

The initial transition time was challenging, but because of the training she received throughout the Charis House program, Amanda cried out to the Lord, seeking His guidance on every step of how to handle life. “The more I have walked through it and sought out the Lord, the easier the transition has become.” Getting back into more of a “normal” routine, with housekeeping, school, work and managing finances keeps Amanda busy but also reinforces her feelings of gratefulness. “It fills my heart with gratitude for everything Jesus has done for me. I have a goal to finish my psychology degree and seek out the ministry, path and purpose for my life that God predestined for me before the foundation of the world.”

“When you can’t trust in anyone or anything, you can trust in the Lord.”

When asked what advice she would tell women struggling with addiction, Amanda answers, “Trust. One of the things that is hardest for us in recovery is trust. When you can’t trust in anyone or anything, you can trust in the Lord. Trust in His process. Trust in His promises. Trust in Him to be your strength. It’s hard, that’s the truth! You’ll have days you want to give up – days that don’t make sense. But just trust, because His blessings will outweigh the struggles. Trust! Trust in His divine guidance. I still don’t have it all figured out, but He does.”

Next week, we’ll hear from the third woman currently in Phase 3 of the Charis House program and learn how the safety and support provided by the Esther House has given her strength.

*Client names have been changed to protect the identities of the women who are seeking a fresh start.

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