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Part 3 – A Vision for the Future of MVO

All new jobs have a learning curve – that’s just normal. New office, new routines, new faces. For Jeremy, Ministry Village at Olive has 5 additional learning curves – one for each active program.

Jeremy’s first few weeks on the job have been action-packed as he learns about MVO’s five programs of ministry – Tender Hearts Caring Hands, Most Excellent Way, Charis House, the Early Learning Center and the Bargain Center. But Jeremy is up to the challenge. Looking back over his banking career, he can see how each job change prepared him for the role he has now undertaken. “When I began my career, I was working with wealthy clients who had relatively few worries. As we moved with the Navy and my jobs changed, I transitioned to managing a large staff made up of mostly young military families who were focused on making ends meet from day to day. I can see now that the Lord was teaching me to recognize the needs of others, opening my eyes and preparing me to help those who need Ministry Village.”

As he has spent time working in each MVO program, Jeremy has been astounded at the amount of need there is in our community. “The Bargain Center and Tender Hearts Caring Hands make such a difference for people in our community who really need day to day help. The women of the Charis House are so deeply grateful for all the love and care that everyone gives them. And going to the Most Excellent Way meetings was so humbling – seeing the people there who are so thankful for that ministry and what it does for them in their struggles. The work Ministry Village does is so desperately needed.” Jeremy is looking forward to finding new opportunities to provide help throughout our community. “With Olive’s Warrington Campus, we’re looking at new ways we can reach the folks who need us there – ways we could bring help to them rather than them having to figure out how to get to us. There is such a disparity around Escambia County – deluxe waterfront homes on one side of the road, and families struggling to put food on the table two blocks away. There is definitely a need, and we’re going to figure out how to better serve it.”

In addition to reaching deeper into the community, Jeremy wants to find a way to expand MVO’s services to support the local military – especially our veterans. “PTSD among the military is a huge mental health issue, and it leads into so many of the other programs we deal with – substance abuse, addiction, homelessness. We have to find a way to serve that community, to help them on the front end so it doesn’t continue to impact their lives and our neighborhoods in such devastating ways.”

Jeremy and his two boys, Cooper and Carter, moved to Pace in October 2018, as his wife Tonya finished her duties in Okinawa. Tonya’s transfer is now complete and she is working as a NICU nurse for the Navy. The family is settling in to new schools, their new neighborhood, and now new jobs for both parents. Tonya’s parents are also moving to the area from Texas so Jeremy says they are here for the long haul. “Our boys have always been surrounded by water wherever we’ve lived, so this is the perfect place for us to settle.”

And as Jeremy has learned, if this is where God wants him, there’s no point in trying to go anywhere else. Welcome, Jeremy. We are honored to have you at Ministry Village and excited to see where God leads us together.

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