Clay Shoot Event Brings World Champion Professional Shooter Gebben Miles

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PART 1 – Meet Gebben Miles

This year marks the 5th Annual Ministry Village at Olive Clay Shoot, and we are Shooting for Grace! The Clay Shoot is MVO’s primary annual fundraiser, bringing attention to and raising funding for the programs of Ministry Village at Olivethe Charis House, Tender Hearts Caring Hands, Most Excellent Way, the Ministry Village Early Learning Center, and the Ministry Village Bargain Center. This year’s Clay Shoot event will feature special guest, Gebben Miles. Gebben is a multi-time Professional Tour, World and National Champion in the target shooting arena. At the MVO Clay Shoot, Gebben will not only share his professional expertise, but also his passion for Jesus, and how he has learned to wield his faith along with his firearm.

Gebben Miles, who is originally from Tucson, Arizona, did not grow up dreaming of becoming a professional shooter. Professional golf was more his thing. Or, maybe he would take over his dad’s construction business one day after college. Even going into full-time ministry might be an option. But, as many of us have learned in our own lives, the Lord had His own plans for Gebben.

After breaking his elbow while playing basketball at age 15, Gebben’s pro-golf dreams were dashed. He worked diligently at rehab for more than a year, and was able to recover full range of motion as well as full strength in his injured arm. He had participated in shooting competitions from time to time, first learning to shoot with his dad in 1996, so he continued to shoot at events occasionally and began pursuing his college degree at the University of Arizona. While in college, he began to achieve tournament success and was approached by other shooters for lessons. Gebben realized he could actually earn a decent income by sharing his shooting skills, so he began coaching – still not interested in making it a full-time, lifelong endeavor.

In 2007, he won the World All-Around FITASC Championship, one of the premier international sporting events and a highly-coveted prize in the shooting community. Achieving success in the sport of shooting was exciting, but it was still not Gebben’s plan for a profession. Realizing that his dad’s construction business was also not where his passion lay, he began feeling a pull toward full-time ministry. His mentor suggested that he should place his focus on shooting. After all, he had such natural skill which was leading to great success and notoriety, and the shooting community could become the platform for his ministry. Gebben followed his mentor’s advice and began conducting more coaching lessons. He soon became a professional shooter, with sponsors who provided for him to travel 8 months out of the year on the professional shooting circuit and compete in events internationally.

In next week’s blog, we’ll learn how Gebben transformed his professional shooting career into a dynamic opportunity to share his faith and do God’s work.

What: 5th Annual Ministry Village Clay Shoot

When: Friday & Saturday, October 8 & 9, 2021

Friday, 5:30 PM : On Friday night, Gebben and his girlfriend Karen Shedd, one of the top professional shooters in the world, will hold a shooting demonstration, showing targets as they encounter them on the professional event level. They will talk through how they approach each shot, and give attendees basic tips on stance, posture, and ways to (hopefully) break more targets in Saturday’s tournament. They will also show off their pro-skills as they demo some more challenging shots. Friday night’s catered dinner will follow the shooting demonstration, and Gebben will also share his testimony. Tickets for Friday night’s event are just $10 and include dinner. Purchase your tickets online at

Saturday, 7:30 AM: Saturday’s tournament event kicks off at 7:30 AM with registration, followed by the safety meeting. Station shooting will begin at 9 AM, and Gebben and Karen will be on hand to provide coaching tips to shooters, as well as to shoot mulligans for donations to Ministry Village. Lunch will follow the Saturday shoot, and awards, door prizes, auction items and raffle prizes will be announced. Cash prizes will be awarded to the First Place Team ($500) and Second Place Team ($200), and special prizes and recognition will be awarded to the Highest Individual Score, Lowest Individual Score, and Best Junior Shooter.

Register Now!:

Registration is now open and sponsorships are also available. Register online, or simply make a donation to the Charis House and Ministry Village at Olive.

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