Give a Gift That Keeps on Giving

 In Bargain Center, Ministry Village

The Ministry Village Bargain Center is excited to announce that GIFT CARDS are now available for purchase! And buying a Bargain Center gift card does more than just check a box on your gift-giving to-do list. It gives back to the community!

“We have many supporters who look for ways to contribute beyond donating volunteer time or items we can sell,” explains Julie Paden, Bargain Center Manager. “Gift cards are a fantastic new way that our supporters can make a real difference with our ministry.”

The Bargain Center gift cards work just like a gift card to any other retailer. You name the amount you’d like to add to the gift card, pay at the store, and receive a plastic, bar-coded Bargain Center gift card, complete with an envelope. The gift cards have no expiration date and can be used as payment for items at the Bargain Center. These gift cards make great gifts for your favorite bargain hunters, but that’s not the only way you can use them! Why not keep these gift cards on hand to give to anyone you meet who needs a little help! You can also donate the gift card back to the Bargain Center to PAY IT FORWARD. Donated cards will be used by Julie in the Bargain Center’s ministry to help local homeless clients, foster families, and anyone who comes in with a desperate need for clothing or shoes.

“We have always used a voucher system to be able to provide for anyone in need who comes in to the store or is referred to us by a partner program. We provide a certain dollar amount to each person, allowing them to purchase clothing, shoes, even small home items that might be needed for foster care situations or people who have just been released from jail or are coming out of being homeless. By purchasing a gift card and donating it to the store, our supporters can back up those vouchers, paying it forward and allowing us to help more people and make an even bigger difference in our community.”

So, the next time you need a gift that can really make a difference, swing by the Ministry Village Bargain Center and ask for a gift card. Whether you gift it to a friend or family member, donate it back to the Bargain Center to pay it forward, or pass it on to someone in need who crosses your path, your contribution will support the programs of Ministry Village and help us continue to provide food support, rental assistance, and addiction recovery support throughout our community. There’s no better bargain than that!

📦 For more information about the Ministry Village Bargain Center, follow them on Facebook at or on Instagram @MinistryVillageBargains.

📦 Shop the Bargain Center at 92 E. Nine Mile Road, just east of Palafox, near the railroad tracks. Monday through Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM. With unique vendor booths, furniture, clothing and more, there’s always something exciting for everyone!

📦 Want to be a Bargain Center VIP Treasure Hunter? Be the first to learn about our sales and special events! Text 850-613-0288 to join our new text group and receive special text updates!

**Because of government regulations, the Bargain Center does not accept donations of mattresses, and does not sell used or new mattresses. Please contact your sanitation service to dispose of used mattresses. **

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