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Streamlining the Donation Process at the Bargain Center

Bargain shopping has become big business throughout the country. Thrifting and seeking out unique and fantastic finds has become more mainstream in recent years, and the Ministry Village Bargain Center has been working hard to keep up with the trends of the industry and the needs of its customers. The Bargain Center depends heavily on supporter donations to provide its merchandise – donors are the Bargain Center’s suppliers! After years of looking for ways to streamline the donation process for supporters and employees alike, the Bargain Center is excited to launch a new donation system, supported by a company called ReSupply.

Until recently, if someone had large pieces of furniture, or a large quantity of items to donate, they either had to recruit friends and neighbors to help transport the items to the nearest thrift store, or call around to see if and when a thrift store truck could come by to pick up the items. The process was sometimes complicated and usually time consuming for those looking to do something as simple as donate items. On the other side of the equation, the store would often be on the receiving end of large boxes of unsellable garage sale leftovers, or broken and unusable furniture that took up precious warehouse space until the next dumpster run – which cost the charity funding. Knowing there had to be a better way, Bargain Center store manager Julie Paden went on the hunt for new ideas. She found a company called ReSupply that provided solutions to all her donation process needs.

“The ReSupply app and website are streamlining the process for our donors and for us,” says Julie. “We’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks now, but already we’ve seen a huge difference in the time it’s saving us and those who want to donate.” ReSupply is a military veteran-owned company that operates nationwide to support charitable giving and make giving as simple and easy as possible. Their goal is to help community nonprofits use their time and resources in the most profitable ways.

So, how does it work? Donors can download the ReSupply app or go directly to their website at If it’s your first time using the site, you’ll be prompted to search for nearby charities with your zip code. Currently, the Ministry Village Bargain Center is the only charity in Northwest Florida using the program. The site guides donors through an easy process of entering a list of the items that are being donated, as well as uploading pictures of the items. Then donors can schedule a preferred day and time for pickup, and submit their contact information so the Bargain Center can confirm their appointment with a phone call.

Using ReSupply will benefit the Bargain Center and its supporters. “By sending us photos of items, we can easily see if we have space for the items, and know ahead of time whether the donation will be something our customers will want to purchase, or whether it’s something we shouldn’t accept. It also saves our donors time by arranging the pickup based on their schedule. Then, when their appointment day comes, they can use the app’s GPS to see how far away the truck is from their pickup. They’ll even receive a digital tax receipt for their donation.”

By prescreening donations and streamlining the scheduling and pickup process, the Bargain Center saves valuable labor resources and maximizes their limited warehouse space. The new system also streamlines the donation process for donors by allowing them to upload photos and schedule a pickup time at their convenience, instead of playing phone tag with the Bargain Center for scheduling options.

“We’re very excited about offering this service to our donors,” says Julie. “We think it will make the process of giving much easier for them, and help us to use our manpower and resources in a more effective way. And anything that helps us reduce costs, means providing more funding for the work our Ministry Village programs do for our community. That’s always our ultimate goal.”

Ready to give it a try? Visit to create an account, or download the app today through the App Store, or Google Play.

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