‘Tis the Season to Give

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Looking for a way to GIVE rather than GET this holiday season? With 5 programs serving various needs throughout our community, Ministry Village at Olive has an opportunity to match every skill and we would be honored to have you join us in serving others!

Early Learning Center

✓ Donate dress-up costumes, gently-used toys, or gift cards that can be used to purchase school supplies! Any toys the ELC can’t use will be donated to the Ministry Village Bargain Center, where all proceeds directly benefit the programs of Ministry Village.

Follow the ELC on Facebook and share their posts to help spread the word in our community about this fantastic preschool!

✓ Pray for the children at the ELC, their families and the teachers. We have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on the children who enroll in our facility as well as with their families. We sincerely appreciate your prayers as we work to provide a quality preschool education, lead these families closer to the Lord, and make a positive impact on their futures.

Contact Kristi Zagar (Kzagar@ministryvillageELC.org) or call the ELC office at (850) 378-8044 with specific questions about how you can serve.

Charis House

✓ Volunteer to walk with the ladies in the mornings for exercise.

✓ Lead weekly Bible studies/devotions with the ladies – choose a topic from our list, or suggest one of your own!

✓ Drive the ladies to/from school or to/from work therapy at the Ministry Village Bargain Center. Ladies in the program are not permitted to drive or have a car, but all of the ladies work at the Bargain Center as part of their work therapy, and several of the ladies have enrolled in college courses. You can be a blessing by helping them get there!

✓ Donate toiletries, food items, or gift cards the ladies can use toward their weekly groceries. It costs a lot of money to feed a group of hardworking women! You can even have money automatically deducted from your paycheck to go directly to the program.

✓ Donate your services – Are you a hairdresser? Nail tech? Esthetician? A little day of pampering can bring tears to the eyes of a woman struggling with self-esteem and confidence.

Contact Debbe Jefcoat (DJefcoat@ministryvillage.org) or call (850) 475-1116 to serve through the Charis House.

Tender Hearts Caring Hands

✓ Pickup weekly food donations from Publix and deliver to the MVO Office.

✓ Volunteer time at the Ministry Village office to organize the food pantry, answer phones, and help with clerical duties.

✓ Donate shelf-stable food items regularly to the food pantry.

✓ Donate easy-open food items that do not require cooking to be used in the food bags distributed to the homeless.

✓ Donate travel-size hygiene items to be used in hygiene bags distributed to the homeless.

Make a financial donation. Ministry Village uses financial donations to purchase gift cards for those who need gas in their cards to get to school or work, and grocery store gift cards for families to buy perishable items like milk. Financial donations also assist THCH to pay utilities for those who qualify.

Contact Kathleen Schuster (kschuster@ministryvillage.org) or call (850) 475-1118 to serve through Tender Hearts Caring Hands.

Most Excellent Way

Most Excellent Way

✓ Donate refreshments (or the funds to purchase refreshments) to be served at weekly meetings. Snacks always make everyone feel more comfortable and welcome in a group.

✓ Become trained to lead meetings or participate in meetings as an encourager, providing much needed support and prayer leadership.

✓ Become trained to serve as a mentor to a man or woman who is struggling with the challenges of addiction. Some people just need to know they have 1 single person they can call who will just listen – someone who is pulling for them – someone who believes in them. You could be that person.

Contact Scott Heald (sheald@ministryvillage.org) or call (850) 475-1112 to serve through Most Excellent Way.

Ministry Village Bargain Center

✓ Donate your gently used goods to be sold at the Bargain Center. All proceeds are used to fund the work of the various Ministry Village programs.

✓ Ask your friends and neighbors if you can take their donations to the Bargain Center for them!

✓ Volunteer at the Bargain Center – volunteers are needed to accept donated items at the warehouse, sort donations, organize items for sale, and work the sales floor.

✓ Spread the word to your friends and neighbors about all the great deals the Bargain Center has to offer, and come shopping! The Bargain Center has high quality items – many new with tags! – at bargain basement prices! You get a great deal while supporting our mission in the community!

✓ Follow the Bargain Center on Instagram and Facebook to learn about sales, new merchandise, and special events.

Contact Julie Paden (jpaden@mvbargaincenter.org) or call (850) 912-8222 to serve through the Bargain Center.

And don’t worry – these opportunities to give back through Ministry Village at Olive don’t expire with the holiday season. We need and value your help all year long. Contact the leaders of the programs you would like to help and use your hands, feet and heart to work for Jesus throughout our community!

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