Help the Homeless As You Travel

 In Ministry Village, Tender Hearts

School is out and summer has arrived on the Gulf Coast. As your summer trips take you out of town, you could bring back a little piece of your vacation to bless others by donating your hotel toiletries to Tender Hearts Caring Hands.

Striving to be the hands, feet and heart of Jesus in the community is the daily goal of Tender Hearts Caring Hands and Ministry Village at Olive. Tender Hearts Caring Hands (THCH) is our care and kindness ministry that focuses on serving individuals and families in Escambia and Santa Rosa County who have significant need. We offer a food pantry for families and homeless neighbors in need and financial assistance to those who qualify. One significant way we help our homeless patrons is through distributing hygiene bags.

In 2018, THCH distributed 382 hygiene bags to homeless patrons. Hygiene bags contain toothbrushes and toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, shampoo/conditioner, lotion, baby wipes, soap, q-tips, bandaids and a new pair of socks. “We have our regular patrons that we see every week,” says Kathie Schuster, Program Manager for Tender Hearts Caring Hands. “We are always happy to see them, because we can see how they are doing and keep tabs on their needs. We honestly look forward to them walking in the door –they cheer us up with their gratitude.”

So, how can you help? If you are staying at a hotel but packing your own toiletries, THCH would happily accept your unused hotel travel-size items! When you kick off your shoes and slip on your flip-flops, think about donating some new socks to our clients! White ankle socks in various sizes help our clients so much. You can drop off items at the Ministry Village office at 1716 E. Olive Road, Monday through Friday from 8am to 2pm.

The average cost of a day bag of ready-to-eat food items is $7 and a hygiene bag costs $3. To donate financially to the Tender Hearts Caring Hands ministry, click here, or drop off your donation at the Ministry Village office. Every dollar donated to Ministry Village at Olive makes a difference in someone’s life right here in our community.

We have an immediate need for volunteers in the Tender Hearts Caring Hands ministry. Volunteers may serve by transporting donated food items from area stores and businesses, organizing the food pantry, or answering phones and assessing callers for financial assistance opportunities. If you would like to be of service to others in our community through Tender Hearts Caring Hands, please call 850-475-1118 or click here. We would be honored to have your help!

To learn more about Tender Hearts Caring Hands, part of Ministry Village at Olive, click here.

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