Ministry Village Offices Find a New Home

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Since opening in 2008, the Ministry Village offices have been located in the Rousseau House on Olive Road, behind Olive Baptist Church. The home, formerly the residence of Brother Jeff Rousseau, provided office space for each of the MVO ministries as well as storage for the Tender Hearts Caring Hands food pantry. The home itself, however, was actually owned by Olive Baptist Church, and it sat on OBC property.

Adjacent to Olive’s property is the Ministry Village property which was transferred to MVO from Olive in 2008 when the organization was granted its nonprofit status. Until early 2019, the MVO property hosted the Health & Hope Clinic, the Ministry Village Early Learning Center, the Charis House residences and an office for Bethany Christian Services. In 2019, Bethany Christian Services relocated to an office in Gulf Breeze, and the Ministry Village building at 1716 E. Olive Road became available. The time was right for the MVO offices to move onto Ministry Village property.

“Moving the Ministry Village administration into its new Ministry Village location puts all of MVO operations onto MVO property,” said Stan Lollar, Executive Director of Ministry Village. “We also believe the arrangement of the new building will be more productive for our team, so we are all excited and looking forward to the move and getting settled.”

The new building will be the site for Tender Hearts Caring Hands which offers direct assistance to members of the community who need financial help or assistance with food or hygiene products. The offices for the Executive Director, Financial Administrator, and administrators of Most Excellent Way and the Charis House will also be part of the new location. The new building is a slightly smaller footprint, and the area most impacted is the Tender Hearts Caring Hands food pantry storage area; however, accommodations have been made for inventory and additional storage is available in nearby MVO properties. A ramp has been installed in front of the new building to accommodate all patrons, and a fresh parking pad has also been created for client parking.

Anyone who has moved a business or a household can relate to the massive undertaking that moving requires, especially when trying to limit the move to just a few days. In an effort to minimize the disruption to client services, MVO staff is working closely with the warehouse team from the Ministry Village Bargain Center and men from the local Pathways for Change program to move all of the furniture, equipment, files and the current food pantry inventory. The move is scheduled to take 3 to 5 days, with the office opening again to clients from its new location on Monday, April 7 at 8 am.

Springtime is a perfect time for a fresh start, and the team at Ministry Village is looking forward to serving our clients and our community from its new location this Spring.

Come visit us at our new location!

1716 E. Olive Road, Pensacola, FL 32514

The new Ministry Village at Olive office sits behind Olive Baptist on MVO property.
  • The Ministry Village office is open to the public Monday through Friday, 8am to 2pm. Call (850) 473-4466 for assistance.
  • Donations of non-perishable food and travel-size hygiene items are accepted at the Ministry Village office at 1716 E. Olive Road, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 2 pm. Specific food items that are always in demand include canned beans, canned meats including tuna and spam, peanut butter, 1 pound bags of rice, grits and spaghetti noodles, canned vegetables and crackers.
  • We have a need for volunteers in the Tender Hearts Caring Hands ministry. Volunteers may serve by transporting donated food items from area businesses, organizing the food pantry, or answering phones and assessing callers for financial assistance opportunities. If you would like to be of service to others in our community through Tender Hearts Caring Hands, please call 850-475-1118 or click here.
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