Managing School-Time Changes

 In Ministry Village, Ministry Village Early Learning Center

As a new school year inches closer and closer, some parents begin to dread the changes to routines, fearing disruptions that can make even the most seasoned parent need a nap ASAP.

Keep your chins up, moms and dads! You’re not in this alone! Here are a few tips that can help in your preschooler’s transition – whether you are coming to the Ministry Village Early Learning Center for the first time, or just transitioning to a new classroom in the same preschool.

  1. Ask current/previous teachers to write down tips. If your child has already been in preschool, those teachers know how to distract, soothe, educate and entertain your little one in a different way than mom and dad do. Use their expertise to help the next teacher, and set your child up for success from the start of the new year.
  2. Say “goodbye.” Letting your child say goodbye to their previous school, classroom, or teacher gives them a chance to move on to the next adventure.
  3. Talk about the new school. Build excitement for the new school year, whether they’ve already attended this preschool or not. Use positive words, include them in buying and organizing their school supplies, and talk about all the fun they have to look forward to.
  4. Attend Meet the Teacher day. This is a great chance for your child to meet his or her new teacher in a low pressure situation, with you by their side. Show them where they will eat their lunch and snack each day, peek at the playground and all the fun toys they’ll be able to use, and see their teacher.
  5. Keep your routine consistent. There are some great reasons that the best preschools run like a well-oiled, well-scheduled machine. Consistent schedules reassure children and provide them with some predictability. Home schedules are important too! Keep your morning routine the same as before, or start a new one the week before school starts. And allow some extra time for drop-off during the first few weeks so your child doesn’t feel rushed into their new environments.

If you have questions about your child’s transition to the ELC from another school, or from one classroom to another within the ELC, please call our ELC Director Mrs. Kristi or our Assistant Director Mrs. Paige and talk to them about your concerns. They have decades of experience dealing with little ones and all their emotions and they can offer guidance and suggestions on ways to make the new school year transition easier on your little one – and you!

We are so excited for the upcoming school year and can’t wait to see everything that our ELC kids will accomplish this year!

  • The 2021-2022 Ministry Village Early Learning Center VPK School Year will begin on August 11, 2021 and continue through May 27, 2022.
  • Enroll now! The Ministry Village ELC is currently accepting enrollment for the 2021-2022 VPK school year, and spaces are available! Once you receive your child’s Certificate of Eligibility, call us at (850) 378-8044 and schedule a time to register and take a tour! We’d love to meet you!
  • Call the Ministry Village Early Learning Center at Monday – Friday, 7 AM to 6 PM. (850) 378-8044
  • For more information on the Ministry Village Early Learning Center, visit our website at
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