MVO Board Elects New Chairman

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Ministry Village at Olive is pleased to announce the election of Dr. Stephen Newsome to serve as Board Chairman for the Ministry Village at Olive Board of Directors. Dr. Newsome was elected chairman in February 2020.

Dr. Stephen Newsome

Originally from Monroeville, Alabama, Dr. Stephen Newsome first joined the board of Ministry Village at Olive in 2017. He and his wife Jennifer, parents of three, are members of Olive Baptist Church, and they find inspiration in watching the lives they see changed through the Charis House ministry. “Ministry Village at Olive offers a way to help those who are in need throughout our community. Seeing the lives of the Charis House women change so profoundly is amazing and inspiring, and we want to be able to continue that work and do more.”

Jeremy Portmann, Executive Director of Ministry Village at Olive, says Dr. Newsome’s passion about Ministry Village’s community work inspires the board to look for new and improved ways to make a difference. “Dr. Newsome is always thinking of ideas to help take MVO from a good program to a great program. We are blessed to have him chairing our Board of Directors.”

As the Covid pandemic remains a challenge to everyone throughout the country, Dr. Newsome is confident that Ministry Village can continue to provide its vital services to clients with care and responsibility. He looks forward to the future impacts made through all of the MVO programs, especially the Charis House. Ms. Debbe Jefcoat, the founding leader of the Charis House, recently retired; however, Dr. Newsome is confident that the program’s essential work will continue to thrive with its new director. “The Charis House program has helped more than 150 women over the years, and we are poised to continue that great and important work that changes lives and restores families. Ministry Village remains ready to help the people in our community who we serve in the name of Jesus every day.”

Dr. Newsome has a general dentistry practice in Pensacola.

The Ministry Village at Olive Board of Directors is a voluntary group of individuals who provide leadership and oversight for the MVO organization. The board meets regularly to stay engaged in the ministry and keep the vision moving forward.

Current members include Chairman Dr. Stephen Newsome; Vice Chairman Jared Gann; Treasurer Ronnie Labrato; Secretary Jaime Principe; and Directors Patricia Clay, Kathy Clements, Clint Holmes, Charles (Terrell) Kelly, Dr. Larry Morris, Bobby Price, Jr. and Jerry Wood.

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