Caution: Thankfulness ahead.

 In Ministry Village

No matter how dark the days feel, there is something for which to be thankful. These last few weeks have been challenging, but they are no exception. We are thankful. And as we enter this season where gratitude and thankfulness take their rightful place at the forefront of our minds, we’d like to highlight the many people and actions who make us thankful every day.

Like every other person and organization this year, Ministry Village has faced numerous challenges in 2020. Whether it has been due to COVID shutdowns or Hurricane Sally, we have seen unprecedented requests for assistance, and we’ve witnessed widespread need throughout our community.

And you – our supporters – have stepped up.

We know you are facing challenges too.

We know you experienced the same hurricane.

We know you have suffered the effects of COVID in your own lives – isolation – anxiety – changes to routines – hardship.

But you continue to give.

Recently, we had someone reach out to us, show up at our office, and donate $1,100 in cash to our Tender Hearts Caring Hands food pantry. Then they told us, “We don’t want any recognition.”

They just wanted to help.


We are humbled to be involved in the work that we do.

We have the opportunity to reach our neighbors – when life has been hard + unfair – and give them real, tangible help while also showing them real love from JESUS. Love they can see in action. Love that impacts their lives.

JESUS IS WHY we do what we do.

And YOU ARE HOW we do what we do.

We feel BLESSED to be a part of this community.

We feel GRATEFUL for your support.

We are THANKFUL for you.


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