Thanking the Hands and Hearts Who Serve

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In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation Month in April, Ministry Village at Olive is recognizing all of the hands and hearts who serve our community with us.

Last week, we recognized those who work with Tender Hearts Caring Hands and the Ministry Village Bargain Center. This week, we want to take a moment to thank our volunteers who work with the Most Excellent Way, the Ministry Village Early Learning Center, and the Charis House.

Most Excellent Way volunteers guide recovery meetings and provide a listening ear and loving, Bible-based support to those struggling with addiction in their lives. MEW Director Scott Heald would like to recognize Todd Robinson, Morgan Robinson, Isreal Fisher, Chad Jordan, Terry Matthews, Stacey Paden and Teddy Robinson. Thank you for your dedication and for your steadfast support of those who are working to find a new road to travel in life.

Life moves fast around the Ministry Village Early Learning Center, and there is always some sort of project or repair that needs to be taken care of to keep the ELC safe and clean for our littlest Ministry Village clients. Kristi Zagar, Director of the ELC, would like to thank Huey Pearson for his willingness to help no matter the project. Mr. Huey also has a faithful team of recruits that he calls on when the job needs more than one pair of hands. Thank you to all of those who help keep our ELC in tip-top shape!

Volunteers at the Charis House provide loving care to the women in the program, and Charis House Director Vanessa Bettis appreciates how each one of the volunteers pour into the lives of the Charis House ladies. Thank you to all of the facilitators for the love you provide while teaching the ladies on a daily basis to forget what lies behind and reach forward to what lies ahead – pressing toward the goal for the prize of God’s calling. Our list of volunteer teachers include Amy Odom, Pat Neisen, Huey & Susan Pearson, Rita Kukuk, Sharon Glass, Vicki Wolfe, Michelle Smith, Marylynn McDonald, Jeff Gray, Carolyn Cobb, Carol Knight, Gail Powell, Carol Smith, Charles & Peggy Carnley, Beth Morris, and Susan Gray. Thank you to our volunteer craft team who do monthly craft projects with the ladies – Charlotte Anderson, Audrey Slater, Deshni Pillay, Tonya Portmann, and Sandra Griffin. And a big thanks to our maintenance volunteers, who keep things repaired around our Charis House buildings and offices – Huey Pearson, Ron Adkison and Steve Niesen.

Thank you to all of these special friends and supporters who make our jobs easier and more delightful. It is a blessing to serve alongside others who have a passionate desire to share Jesus with our neighbors and take action.

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