Charis House Two-Phase Recovery

PHASE I is primarily for 12 months with an evaluation at 90 days to assess progress toward completion.  This phase offers a structured schedule and activities and a curriculum which emphasizes development of disciplines designed to promote spiritual, physical, mental, and social well-being.  All curriculum is faith-based utilizing Biblical principles.  We also use curriculum that is known, accepted, and used throughout numerous recovery centers.  We have a licensed mental health counselor on staff that meets weekly with each client individually and also facilitates group counseling.  

PHASE 2/PHASE 3 – offered to those who have shown commitment, diligence, and continued desire in their recovery process.  The length of this phase depends on the client’s progress and commitment.  The women continue to live in a home-setting with other women in our transitional living phase.  The focus is on continued recovery, working toward a transition to life outside of Charis House.  Areas of focus include advanced life skills, building safe support systems, employability skills and opportunities for further educational or vocational training.   

Step 1 

Information Packet

Please download and read the Charis House information packet

Step 2

Schedule An Assessment

To request an assessment, you will need to download this application, fill it out, and email it to Vanessa Bettis at 

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