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Ministry Village at Olive is happy to announce Mrs. Kristi Zagar as the Director of the Ministry Village Early Learning Center, scheduled to open during Fall 2018.

Mrs. Zagar has been a preschool and VPK teacher for the past 9 years, most recently teaching at New Beginnings Preschool in Pace, Florida. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in English Education from the University of South Florida, and has spent more than 20 years as a dynamic educator focused on engaging, inspiring and motivating children through creative and enjoyable instruction.

“We are very pleased to welcome Kristi Zagar as the Director of the Ministry Village Early Learning Center. Our inaugural school year is right around the corner, and Kristi’s enthusiasm and sincere love for children will provide a fantastic springboard for Ministry Village’s newest adventure,” said Stan Lollar, Executive Director of Ministry Village at Olive, Inc.

Read on to get to know Ms. Kristi and her plans for the Ministry Village ELC.

Why did you pursue a career in early childhood education?

It’s all about the kids. I became a preschool teacher to provide engaging opportunities and experiences for the kids God allowed me to teach. It’s amazing to watch a child grow, learn and develop into a little person – the progress children make when someone takes the time to stop, listen and really talk to them is exciting. They are capable of so much when given the opportunities.

What is your passion in child care and preschool education?

Connecting with the kids – building a trusting relationship so they allow me in to nurture their imaginations. Giving them a safe place to be themselves, so they are able to practice and express what they discover every day.

 What are your goals for the Ministry Village Early Learning Center?

First, my goal for each child that comes through our door is for us to instill Godly character in their little lives. Imagine being able to build children with high self-esteem and strong character – kids who are not afraid to stand up for what is right, or to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. What a difference these kids will make in their elementary, middle and high schools!

Additionally, we want to make an educational impact with the children in our community. The ELC was launched in response to Escambia County’s need to build a strong prekindergarten program that equips children with the skills needed to be successful in school and in life. There are so many great community programs moving toward that goal, and we will jump right in and do our part to press forward.

 Tell us a little about you personally. Who is Ms. Kristi?

I moved to the area about 6 years ago with my husband, Mark, and our two daughters, Hannah and Hope. We started attending Olive in 2017, and became members in October 2017. My daughters are teenagers – a freshman and a senior in high school – yikes! I am always on the verge of tears over them growing up. I will gladly join any of my preschool parents in a good cry as a child hits a milestone!

 I have 2 dogs who love to dig and hunt for lizards. I really enjoy my dogs, but I do not enjoy cleaning up their excavation sites. I personally like digging too – but only in my garden – it is my happy place. The world began in a special Garden, after all.

 Any special thoughts or advice for parents of young children?

If I could encourage parents to do one thing, it would be to read every day with their children – no matter how busy life gets. Besides all the scientific reasons and research, the time spent reading with a child builds a relationship that encourages discussions you may not otherwise have, and opens a line of communication you will be glad to have when your children become teenagers.

I am honored God has allowed me the opportunity to be used by Him to work in the lives of the children and families who will walk through the doors of the Ministry Village Early Learning Center. I am praying for those children and families already, and I can’t wait to see who God sends us.

Perhaps it is somewhat divine intervention that Ms. Kristi is an avid gardener – after all, she will be leading the way in growing and nurturing young hearts and minds in our community. We are excited to reap the future harvest.

🍎 To download the admissions packet, or for more information on the Ministry Village ELC, visit or call (850) 490–3436.

🍎 If you are interested in working at the Ministry Village ELC, contact Kristi Zagar at (850) 490-3435, or send a resumé and cover letter to:

🍎 For the latest ELC announcements, including the Dedication and Celebration Service and Open House, plus our Grand Opening Date, follow the Ministry Village Early Learning Center Facebook page. 

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