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Part 1 – Answering the Call of God

Andrew, Peter, James and John – 4 of Jesus’ disciples – were fishermen. Matthew was a tax collector. Simon is thought to have been a politician. All these occupations provided a sustainable, if not lucrative, living for the men and their families. And yet, they left the jobs they knew – the jobs they were trained for – the jobs that fed their families – to follow the call of Jesus. Jeremy Portmann was a banker. Now he is the new Executive Director of Ministry Village at Olive. Overseeing a faith-based nonprofit is not exactly where he envisioned himself years ago when he began his education and career in the banking and finance industry. But then again, God works in mysterious ways.

Dr. Larry Morris, board member for Ministry Village at Olive, sees great parallels in the story of Jesus calling His disciples and the circumstances that brought Jeremy Portmann to Ministry Village. “Those fishermen had no idea what was ahead for them as disciples of Jesus, but they followed anyway,” explained Dr. Morris. “Jeremy’s education, training and career planning has been in the banking profession. He was on track for a successful career in banking. And yet, when he heard Brother Ted’s sermon about how God does not call the equipped, he equips those He calls – Jeremy heard the call of God…and most importantly, he answered it. It took courage on his part to change his goals and step out into the unknown.”

Bob Price, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ministry Village, agrees. He said it was very clear to the Board from the beginning that Jeremy had been called by God. “When we interviewed Jeremy, he mentioned that Pastor Traylor had been talking about the MVO Executive Director position in church one morning, and he felt God’s calling in his heart. We could sense his passion for the Lord and His work. Jeremy was willing to leave his productive job in an industry where he was trained, and had worked his entire career, to follow God’s call. I believe his passion for serving ‘the least of these’ will resonate throughout MVO and our community for years to come.”

In next week’s blog, you’ll learn more about Jeremy and the path that led him to Ministry Village.

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