Impacting the Next Generation for God

 In Ministry Village

Young men from a local high school football team recently volunteered their Saturday to help Ministry Village at Olive with some heavy lifting thanks to a new organization, Men of Impact.

The goal of Men of Impact (MOI) is to pour hope, inspiration and the love of Jesus into the lives of young men. MOI finds opportunities to mentor, advise and nurture boys who are, in turn, willing to devote time and effort into achieving their own goals. Founded by Steve Harrod and Steve Williams, this group of local mentors is investing their time, talents, and resources into young men like these. Men of Impact is helping this group of boys find projects to earn the money needed to attend a Fellowship of Christian Athletes camp in Georgia in 2019. The young men’s hard work makes a difference in our community while they invest in their own futures and gain increased dignity and self-respect in the process.

30 boys participated in the recent Ministry Village workday. One group of boys worked at the Ministry Village Charis House, breaking up and removing 4.36 tons (nearly 9,000 pounds!) of concrete and asphalt that had become a tripping hazard at the home. While they worked with Bobby Price, Jr. and Stan Lollar at the Charis House, another group of boys worked with Steve Harrod at a different Ministry Village property. The Esther House (as it is currently called) will eventually become an additional phase of the Charis House ministry; but to make that happen, the house needed a complete gut, including the removal of interior cabinets and carpet. Breaking stuff and knocking things down? Sounds like a perfect activity for a group of hardworking young men eager to make a difference.

After the boys completed their work for Ministry Village, they went to the Porter’s farm in Molino where the popular monthly Men’s Barn Meetings are held. The boys were fed lunch and then they jumped into working the farm. They washed down the meeting area, tables and chairs; then, they racked and cleaned up the property, including washing the white fence. At the end of the day, a mouthwatering steak dinner was waiting for each one of them while Shaun Pillay and Bennett Traylor shared testimonies and inspiration to guide the young men as they plan their futures.

To further their goal of reaching the next generation, Men of Impact is hosting Mentoring Men, a conference with Brian Molitor, at Olive Baptist Church on Saturday, August 18. Mr. Molitor is a strategist, consultant, personal coach and trainer whose passion lies in connecting fathers with their children, and providing guidance and mentors for the next generation. Participants in his conferences learn skills and strategies to engage with and bless the coming generations, based on the lesson of Malachi 4:6, “He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers”.

Men of Impact will be working in partnership with Ministry Village at Olive, Inc. on future mentoring and training opportunities to reach the next generation and make an impact on their futures. We are excited to see all that the Lord has planned for this exciting and encouraging organization.

Mentoring Men is scheduled for Saturday, August 18, 8 am to 4 pm in Passmore Hall at Olive Baptist Church. Registration is $10 and includes breakfast, lunch, 3 training sessions and a Question & Answer forum. To register for or learn more about the Mentoring Men event, click here.

Online registration ends on Thursday, August 16. Registration at the door on August 18 (as space permits) will be cash or check only .

To learn more about Men of Impact and how you can be involved, contact Stan Lollar at Ministry Village.

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