Vision and Leadership at Ministry Village at Olive

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You might know a bit about who Ministry Village is, and maybe you have an idea of what we do. But you might not be familiar with how our organization is structured, or who provides the support and leadership to make our vision come alive.

Incorporated in 2008, Ministry Village at Olive, Inc. (MVO) has grown to encompass 5 programs – Charis House, Tender Hearts Caring Hands, Most Excellent Way, Ministry Village Bargain Center, and the Ministry Village Early Learning Center. MVO employs an Executive Director as well as full-time staff members who manage the day-to-day operations of the organization along with the details of each individual program. Our Board of Directors, a voluntary group of individuals who provide leadership and oversight for our organization, meet regularly to stay engaged in our ministry and keep our vision moving forward. Our board currently consists of 11 members, led by Board Chairman Bobby Price, Jr.

Bobby Price Jr.

Mr. Price has been involved with Ministry Village at Olive since 2010, and has served as Board Chairman since 2017. Born in Pensacola, he has been a member of Olive Baptist Church since 1979 and has been a custom homebuilder on the Gulf Coast since 1987. He is married to Robin, his wife of 33 years, and has 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren.

“Seeing God at work never ceases to amaze me,” says Mr. Price. “Ministry Village is a way for us to help those in our community who are struggling, but are looking for ways to improve themselves and just need some help getting there. MVO opens doors for us to share Christ with others through the testimonies, examples and standards that we set. The lives that have been changed – the miracles we have seen as God works in the lives of those who have been touched by Ministry Village – those are the greatest blessings for me to be a part of. I love every program we offer at Ministry Village.”

Jared Gann

Jared Gann, a local attorney, serves as Vice Chairman of the board. He has been a member of Olive Baptist for 10 years and also serves as a deacon and a member of the music ministry. He and his wife, Carrie, have two children. Mr. Gann has served on the board for two years and believes that the strength of Ministry Village lies in its emphasis on Jesus-empowerment rather than the self-empowerment that many other addiction recovery and benevolence programs advocate.

Ronnie Labrato

Ronnie Labrato is the Treasurer of the board and has served MVO for four years. Mr. Labrato is a Certified Public Accountant and is retired from Georgia Power, having served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He and his wife, Laurie, have two children and five grandchildren, and have been members of Olive Baptist for 20 years. Mr. Labrato is passionate about seeing lives changed through the Ministry Village programs, especially the Charis House.

Darlene Pinson

Darlene Pinson has served on the Ministry Village Board of Directors since MVO began, and is the board’s Secretary. She has been a member of Olive Baptist since 1984 has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. A retired schoolteacher, Mrs. Pinson was formerly the Director of Children’s Ministries for Olive for 14 years. Having been involved in Ministry Village since the beginning, she feels blessed to be part of the miraculous life change that comes to many of those served by Ministry Village’s programs.

Also serving on the Ministry Village Board of Directors are Patricia Clay, Terrell Kelly, Jan Langford, Dr. Larry Morris, Dr. Stephen Newsome, Jaime Principe and Jerry Wood.

Dr. Ted Traylor

Dr. Ted Traylor is the visionary who led Olive Baptist Church to create Ministry Village at Olive, Inc. “Olive Baptist Church had been part of this community for over 100 years, but we did not really have a social aspect to our ministry,” remembers Pastor Traylor. In 2003, Pastor Traylor formed the 2020 Vision Committee, to seek God’s direction on where and how the church could better serve its neighbors. After Hurricane Ivan devastated our area in 2004, Pastor Traylor’s vision for Ministry Village was born — MVO would be the hands and feet of Jesus serving the people most in need throughout our community. Pastor Traylor serves as a nonvoting member of the MVO Board of Directors, and the members of the board work alongside him to help fulfill the vision God has given him.

As Ministry Village opened the doors to the Early Learning Center in November 2018, the board members focused on the new opportunities as an expansion of MVO’s vision to “meet the needs of the hurting and suffering people in our area” by providing families in our area with a Christ-centered, high quality daycare and preschool option.

“I enjoy being part of an organization that helps people mend, using the teachings of Christ,” said Chairman Bobby Price, Jr. “And now I am so excited about the new work we can do through the Ministry Village Early Learning Center – reaching human life in its purest form – children – and teaching them about the love of Jesus. We have dealt for years with people who were broken, and helped them heal. Now we have the opportunity to get involved in the lives of families and try to build a foundation to steer people toward Jesus instead of them going down those destructive paths in the first place. It’s a really exciting time to be part of Ministry Village.”

We are thankful for the guidance, prayerful focus, and unwavering support each of our board members provide to our organization. We ask that you pray for each of them, thanking God for bringing them to us so they can help lead us to impact our community for the Lord.

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