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On August 18, Men of Impact (MOI), in partnership with Ministry Village at Olive, Inc., hosted Mentoring Men with Brian Molitor.

Brian Molitor is the CEO of Molitor International, and works as a strategist, consultant, personal coach and trainer whose passion lies in connecting fathers with their children, and providing guidance and mentors for the next generation. Participants in his conferences learn skills and strategies to engage with and bless the coming generations, based on the lesson of Malachi 4:6, “…He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers…”

41 men attended the event in August, representing a variety of churches and denominations. Those in attendance learned about the importance of mentoring – not only for the impact it makes on children, but also for the changes and encouragement the mentors receive. Mr. Molitor’s training emphasizes the practice of “rites of passage,” where a young man’s passage from childhood to manhood is celebrated and becomes a significant marker in his life. The conference provided tangible evidence for prioritizing mentor relationships, as well as thought-provoking next steps for organizations like Men of Impact to follow.

The goal of Men of Impact (MOI) is to pour hope, inspiration and the love of Jesus into the lives of young men. MOI provides opportunities to mentor, advise and nurture boys who are, in turn, willing to devote time and effort into achieving their own goals. Founded by Steve Harrod and Steve Williams, this group of local mentors is investing their time, talents, and resources into young men, joining together to make a difference in our community while helping the boys gain increased dignity and self-respect.

☑️ MOI will be building on the Mentoring Men conference by seeking out and creating more opportunities to put into action what was learned. To learn more about Men of Impact and how you can be involved in the organization’s future projects, contact Steve Harrod at

☑️ A Mentoring Men Bible study class began as a result of the Mentoring Men conference and now meets on Wednesday evenings at Olive Baptist Church main campus. The class is facilitated by Olive member Buddy Hinote and utilizes Brian Molitor’s dvd series. Classes are open to any men wishing to participate. Join them on Wednesdays in room 4220 at 6PM.

Olive’s Minister of Music, Jon Tyner, sang with his son during the Mentoring Men conference in August 2018.


41 men attended the Mentoring Men Conference with Brian Molitor, sponsored by Men of Impact and Ministry Village in August 2018.

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