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Hello, and welcome to our website. As chairman of the Ministry Village Board of Directors I would like to share my heart with you.

The Ministry Village is a faith-based, non-profit organization that reaches out to those in our community who are hurting using in-house programs such as the Charis House, Tender Hearts/Caring Hands and The Most Excellent Way. We touch people that face terrible circumstances in life caused by a loss of income, unexpected debt or debt management, and those struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction.

The Charis House is a 25-bed addiction recovery program for women. The initial cost to enroll a lady in the program is $3,000 and the average cost per client per year is $14,000. The ladies are loved on and ministered to during the initial healing process and eventually transition to life skill training and development so that they will know how to provide for themselves and their loved ones. We accomplish this using a small family environment. We also have a licensed mental health counselor that helps the ladies deal with the usually underlying issues that have led to the addiction. Classes are taught about chemical dependency, addiction, relapse prevention, growing strong in God’s family, healing, and  boundaries.

Tender Hearts/Caring Hands is a benevolence program that assists people with rent, power, and food. Last year 251 families were given rental assistance, 251 families were given assistance with utility bills, and 314 families were given some other form of financial assistance. Our Food pantry provided 1665 people with family food bags. A family food bag will feed a family of four for four days. We provided 238 transient bags to people who do not have a stove or a refrigerator.

The Most Excellent Way is a support group that helps with addiction recovery. They meet on Tuesday and Friday night and average 2400 people a year in attendance. A product of this program is our jail ministry. In December we also host our annual Angel Tree Christmas Party and give gifts to children whose parents have been incarcerated.

The Ministry Village Bargain Center, located at 3914 Davis Hwy, is also an integral part of the Ministry Village. We sell gently used merchandise to help fund the aforementioned programs and provide work therapy for the Charis House ladies, helping with their recovery process.

In Matthew 25:40 Jesus said “to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even to the least of them, you did it to Me”. I hope that you would join me in helping others, making Pensacola a community of love and hope, that is found only in Jesus Christ.

Your Brother in Christ

Bob Price Jr

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