Reaching the Hearts and Minds of our Youngest Neighbors

 In Ministry Village Early Learning Center

The focus of the new Ministry Village Early Learning Center is simple – we will deliver Christ-centered, high quality care to the children in our community.

By incorporating the latest and most innovative research-based methods and techniques, as well as Bible stories and devotionals, into our everyday activities and curriculum, the Ministry Village Early Learning Center strives to develop and implement early learning instruction that provides children with the skills they need to successfully transition to kindergarten. We will equip the youngest generation with the skills and thought processes they need to build a strong educational base, while welcoming every member of our community and ensuring that each one feels treasured, loved and supported.

Our child care providers and staff will ensure that each child’s unique physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs are met by taking a holistic approach to child care. In essence, we are dedicated to providing the youngest children of our community — those aged three months through five years — with excellent service. We believe in involving the entire family and will include caregivers in the process so the children in our community have the opportunities they need to continue their education and quality care at home.

Ministry Village ELC will utilize The Creative Curriculum®️, a program that ensures that learning will go far beyond reading, writing and math. Children who attend the Ministry Village ELC will also learn how to manage their feelings, strengthen their bodies and communicate effectively – a few of the many lifelong skills incorporated in their education to help them navigate the world in engaging and effective ways.

🍎 For more information on the Ministry Village ELC, visit or call (850) 490–3436.

🍎 For the latest ELC announcements, including the Dedication and Celebration Service and Open House, plus our Grand Opening Date, follow the new Ministry Village Early Learning Center Facebook page (@MinistryVillageELC).

Ministry Village Early Learning Center

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