Ways to Serve Through Ministry Village at Olive – Part 4

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Ministry Village at Olive offers a variety of ministries with many opportunities to help individuals and families right here in your own backyard. We would love for you to join us as we strive to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus throughout our community. Follow this series throughout November as we highlight our programs and specific ways you can help. This week, we put the spotlight on the Charis House.

Charis House is our ministry for women struggling with addiction and seeking freedom from drugs and alcohol. Women live dormitory-style with other women and a House Manager, providing a home-like setting for a Christ-centered drug and alcohol recovery program. These women are away from their families for many months, and often struggle with loneliness and depression, even as they make great strides toward recovery. The Phase I program often takes more than 1 year to complete and costs more than $14,000 per woman. All their expenses are included – food, clothing, toiletries, living expenses, transportation, etc.

How can you serve?

Women volunteers are needed for the following opportunities.

  • 🚙Drive Charis House ladies to/from school. Ladies in the program are not permitted to drive or have a car; but as they progress, many of them are enrolled in college courses. The opportunity to further their education improves their confidence and self-esteem, leading to a stronger recovery. Giving them a ride to and from school gives them an opportunity continue the work they have started at the Charis House.
  • 🚗Drive Charis House ladies to/from work therapy at the Ministry Village Bargain Center. As part of their program, the ladies work at the Bargain Center — sorting merchandise, organizing the store, and helping customers. But, as mentioned above, they are not permitted to drive. So if you can help them get to and from work, you will be providing the ladies the opportunity to give back to the program that is investing in them, as well as for them to learn skills they can take into future jobs.
  • 🙏🏼Lead weekly Bible studies/devotions with the ladies. We are always excited to have women with a Biblical passion to share with our group. If you have a topic in mind, let us know! If you just want an opportunity to teach a topic we already have on our list, we can do that too.
  • 👣Volunteer to walk in the mornings with the Charis House ladies for exercise. Do you need someone to motivate you? An accountability partner that will be waiting for you to encourage a daily exercise habit? The ladies of the Charis House enjoy their morning walks and would love to have someone to chat with as they start each day.
  • 💄Provide spa treatments, beauty treatments, etc. on-site at the Charis House as a special treat for the ladies. These ladies often come to us downtrodden and full of shame and sadness. Through God’s Word and lots of encouragement, we work to help them lift up their heads and learn to live as the Lord commands – as Children of the Most High God. Getting a facial, having their nails done – those are treats these ladies don’t often enjoy. If you are willing to help in this area, you will provide a bright light in their week!
  • 🍞Donate food items or toiletries to be used toward weekly groceries. It costs a lot of money to feed a group of hardworking women. We have grocery money donated from families of previous residents as a way to give back. Some people even choose to have the money automatically deducted from their paychecks each week or month. Maybe you have a food connection in town – we’ve had whole hogs donated to provide fresh pork for meals. Now, that was certainly an unexpected treat!
  • 🍝Provide a cooked meal for the ladies and their House Manager. Grabbing takeout isn’t an option for the ladies of the Charis House. Our ladies take turns with household chores, and cooking meals for the house is one of them. What a blessing it is when someone surprises the ladies with a delicious entrée or an entire meal that they didn’t have to cook. You know that feeling, don’t you? Even just a few pizzas make a wonderful treat. Maybe your talent lies in gardening? We could use your assistance in our garden! Don’t underestimate how your culinary skills could help in our ministry!
  • ✂️Provide haircuts for the ladies. A fresh haircut can bring tears to the eyes of a woman struggling with self-esteem and confidence. It just feels good. Do you have this skill or know someone who does? Let us know and we’ll arrange a special day to help make these ladies feel their best.

If you are interested in serving the Charis House, or would like more information on how you could help in one of the ways listed above, contact Debbe Jefcoat at 475-1116 or DJefcoat@MinistryVillage.org.

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Come back next week to learn how you can get involved and give back through our Early Learning Center!

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