Ways to Serve Through Ministry Village at Olive – Part 5

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Ministry Village at Olive offers a variety of ministries with many opportunities to help individuals and families right here in your own backyard. We would love for you to join us as we strive to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus throughout our community. Through this series so far, we have highlighted the major ministries of Ministry Village– the Bargain Center, Most Excellent Way, Charis House, Tender Hearts and Caring Hands. This final week, we put the spotlight on our newest program – the Ministry Village Early Learning Center.

The Ministry Village Early Learning Center is focused on providing Christ-centered high quality care and education for the youngest members of our community (ages 3 months to prekindergarten). Construction was completed in September 2018, and after attaining licensing through the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Association of Christian Schools International, we were thrilled to open our doors to families on November 19.

How can you serve?

  • 🙋Volunteer to help in the Early Learning Center. For security reasons, all volunteers must pass a Level 2 Background Screening at your own expense to volunteer at the ELC.
  • 📚Purchase select books/supplies to donate to the ELC. Mrs. Kristi Zagar, the Director of the Ministry Village ELC, has a list of desired items that will help bring smiles and learning opportunities to the children we care for. Email her and ask for a few suggestions, or specify a dollar amount you would like to donate and let her know you’d like to designate those dollars to purchase books, toys or equipment for the preschool.
  • ☑️Follow us on Facebook and share the news about our preschool! The Ministry Village Early Learning Center has its own Facebook page (@MinistryVillageELC) and website (MinistryVillageELC.org). If you follow us on Facebook, you can share our posts with your friends and help us spread the word about our facility. We are excited to be able to build this program from the ground up, and we could use your help letting the community know that our preschool is open and ready for their little ones!
  • 🙏🏼Pray! We have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on the children who enroll in our facility as well as on their families. We sincerely appreciate your prayers as we work to provide a quality preschool education, lead these families closer to the Lord, and make a positive impact on their futures.

Contact Kristi Zagar, Director of the Ministry Village ELC, at (850) 490-3436 or by email at KZagar@MinistryVillageELC.org, if you would like to donate or sponsor items for the ELC or for more information on how you can serve through the Ministry Village Early Learning Center.

⭐️If you are interested in working at the Ministry Village Early Learning Center, we would love to hear from you! We are hiring for full time and part time positions, for both teachers and assistants. Send your resumé to our Director, Kristi Zagar, at KZagar@MinistryVillageELC.org.⭐️

If you missed a week of this 5 part series on ways to serve through Ministry Village at Olive, click here to see them all. We would be honored for you to join us in our mission to express the love of Christ to all people through acts of service – not just during the holidays, but all year long.


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