Tender Hearts Caring Hands is our care and kindness ministry that focuses on serving individuals and families in Escambia and Santa Rosa County that have significant need. Last year alone we were able to provide financial assistance to 2,720 families thanks to generous donations. But it was not enough. We received 12,595 requests for assistance and need your help to be able to meet the needs of every request that is submitted.

Our program shows no discrimination and joyfully serves everyone regardless of race, age, gender, creed, religion, national origin, or disability. Tender Hearts Caring Hands helps qualifying families with rental assistance to prevent individuals and families from being evicted and uprooted from their community. We provide power bill assistance and help pay utilities bills to ensure no one is eating dinner in a dark house. Our program also provides assistance for transportation and food needs.

Services Provided are:

Financial Assistance
We assist with rent/mortgage and utilities based on qualifying criteria. See information regarding criteria in the information packet below. To qualify you must call for a Telephone Screening Application.

Food Pantry 
We provide two types of food bags.

  1. Family Food Bag – designed to feed a family of four for four days. These bags consists of food items that will need to be cooked. ID and SS cards are required.
  1. Transient Food Bag – designed to feed one person for two days. These bags consist of easy-open food items that require no cooking. We ask for ID and SS cards from the homeless, but they are not required. Walk-ins are welcome from 8:00am–2:00pm Monday-Friday

Hygiene Bags 
We provide hygiene items and blankets for transients. They are shown love and treated with kindness. We offer referrals to community shelter programs when needed. We ask for ID and SS cards from the homeless, but they are not required.

We provide referral information to other agencies for financial assistance, homeless shelters and food assistance. At times we partner with other agencies when the need is greater than our capacity to provide.   

If you need assistance with the steps below, call 850-473-4466.

Criteria for Financial Assistance

Are you in need of help? Please download our Criteria for Financial Assistance to see if you qualify.

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