Giving Thanks for Faithful Friends

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At Ministry Village, we realize every day just how much there is to be thankful for. Of course we face struggles – everyone does. And comforting those who come through our doors daily – people who are facing true battles in their lives, whether it be homelessness, hunger or addiction – that puts a human face on the hard times we know are happening all around us.

But we are also privileged to have a front row seat to see the absolute BEST in our neighbors and friends. Those people who step up when no one else can or does. Those people who think of others so easily, it’s a second language to them. Those people who can’t imagine going through life without helping someone, because it’s just who they are as human beings.

Those people keep us motivated.

Those people breathe hope into the lives of those around them – and into our community.

The day after Thanksgiving, Pastor Traylor at Olive Baptist received a phone call from a friend, Pat Lascell, who happens to be the manager at Publix on University Parkway (in the Target Shopping Center). He said that Publix had some leftover Thanksgiving dinner packages, he wanted to donate them, and he was hoping Pastor Traylor could give him some direction. The Pastor called Debbe Jefcoat, Director of the Charis House at Ministry Village. Ms. Debbe arranged for the Charis House Manager to head to Publix and pickup the meals. When she arrived, she found a generous donation of 14 complete Thanksgiving meals – each one with a fully-cooked turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with gravy, and congealed salad. Wow.

The Charis House ladies were overwhelmed with this generous gift, and they knew this was a blessing that had to be shared. One of the ladies in Phase 2 and one of the Charis House managers were able to deliver meals to several area families that were in need – some who have as many as 15 people living together under one roof – families who had been facing a much different Thanksgiving weekend than most of us. Those families were deeply touched, and tremendously grateful, to be remembered and to be blessed in such a generous way.

Thank you, Publix at University and Mr. Pat, for your kindness and your generosity. Your actions blessed the Charis House and many families this Thanksgiving, and we are honored to call you our friends.

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