Volunteer Appreciation Month

 In Ministry Village

“Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.”

Ministry Village at Olive has a team of dedicated volunteers who work in each area of our ministry to serve our community and reach people with the love of Jesus. While we appreciate our volunteers every single day, April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month, so we wanted to take a moment to celebrate and recognize each of our special volunteers.

At the Ministry Village Bargain Center, Store Manager Julie Paden depends on the help of Kathy Clements, Margie Adkison and Patty Trent to help stock the book room as well as sort and hang the clothing donations. All the hardgoods are sorted, cleaned and priced by Charlotte Anderson and Audrey Salter. Thank you for helping keep the Bargain Center running smoothly!

Margie Adkison & Kathy Clements sort and tag donations at the Bargain Center.

Volunteers at the Charis House provide loving care to the women in the program, and Charis House Director Vanessa Bettis appreciates how each one of the volunteers pour into the lives of the Charis House ladies. Thank you to all of the facilitators for the love you provide while teaching the ladies on a daily basis to forget what lies behind and reach forward to what lies ahead – pressing toward the goal for the prize of the God’s calling. The DOE Team (Daughters of Excellence – Sharon, Rita and Vicki) teach the ladies choices for success in life. Beth Morris regularly welcome the ladies to her home for dinner and game nights. Huey and Susan Pearson counsel and encourage the women and are always willing to help when there is a need. Jan Langford helps the women in need of legal advice and is a kind and supportive listener. Charlotte Anderson inspires and entertains the ladies with amazing craft ideas. Thank you, Charis House volunteers, for your love, support, and encouragement.

The Ministry Village Early Learning Center has 3 volunteers who come each week to organize and prepare the daily paperwork the ELC teachers need for their classrooms. ELC Director Kristi Zagar wishes to thank Jaliya Cooley, Joseph Loria, and Michael Bailey for their friendliness and the joy they bring each week as they serve our program! Our teachers and staff appreciate your willingness to help!

Most Excellent Way volunteers guide recovery meetings and provide a listening ear and loving, Bible-based support to those struggling with addiction in their lives. MEW Director Scott Heald would like to recognize Byron Nettles, Todd Robinson, Morgan Robinson, Stacy Paden, Isreal Fisher, and Bruce Finney. Thank you for your dedication and for your steadfast support of those who are working to find a new road to travel in life.

Ronda Arnold scans all THCH documents for cloud storage.

The Tender Hearts Caring Hands ministry relies on a large roster of volunteers to help restock, inventory, organize, bag and distribute food bags and reach out to the homeless, as well as to take incoming calls for help and track assistance data, and teach the weekly budget class to those needing financial assistance. Program Director Kathleen Schuster is thankful for the dedication of her team of volunteers, and knows that THCH would not run without their faithful support.

  • Shirley Huffman (Statistician)- maintains monthly/yearly stats & reports
  • Doris Young (Intake Specialist, M/TH)- processes phone applications for financial assistance
  • Tammy Davis (Intake Specialist TU/W)- processes phone applications for financial assistance
  • Ronda Arnold (Scanner)- scans all documents into cloud
  • Jerald Miller– picks up weekly donations from Publix
  • Pam and Sandy Isbell– packs Family Food bags weekly
  • Gay Parazine – prays over all prayer requests from clients
  • Jennifer Newsome– Food Pantry assistant several times a week
  • Stephen Soderlind– Does whatever is needed! (sorts/stocks food, etc.)
  • Angela Fortune– Tea Lady – makes individual pre-made bags for sweet tea for Family Food Bags
  • Heidi and Casey Wilkes– Does whatever is needed! (hygiene bags, stocks, makes transient bags)
  • Benita Padilla– homeless outreach- takes transient bags into community and evangelizes
  • Bobby Phillips– homeless outreach- takes transient bags into community and evangelizes
  • 5th Sunday Food Team:
    • Huey Pearson
    • Bernie Alidor
    • Randy Wright
    • David Hoyt
    • Dane Allen
    • Steve Neisen
  • Budget Class Teachers
    • Angela Russo
    • Jeremy Hans
    • Wayne Forbush
    • Gene Myatt
    • Ron Riles

Thank you to all of our volunteers, who show each of us just how much “tender hearts and caring hands” can accomplish! We appreciate you and thank God for sending you to help our ministry complete its mission!

The mission of Ministry Village at Olive is to put the words of Jesus into action throughout our community – “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40, NIV) If you are looking for a place to demonstrate kindness to others for the glory of God, give us a call. For more information on Ministry Village at Olive, Inc. and its work in the community, follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MinistryVillage, on Twitter @MinistryVillage, visit their website, MinistryVillage.org, or call (850) 473-4466.

If you would like to volunteer for one of MVO’s programs, contact our office at (850) 473-4466 or visit Ministryvillage.org/volunteer-registration. All volunteers through Ministry Village at Olive, Inc. must be properly interviewed and screened. Depending on the program and position, volunteers must also undergo background screening and be properly trained by MVO staff. While we are deeply appreciative for any and all support, it is our primary responsibility to those we serve to protect them and their privacy, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Those interested in serving through MVO should contact the appropriate program manager to discuss opportunities and the necessary requirements. We appreciate your understanding.

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