Ways to Serve through Ministry Village at Olive – Part 1

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Life is busy. Most of us have good intentions – we want to give back, support our communities, but we just can’t find the time… and if we did, we wouldn’t know exactly what to do. Can one person really make that much of a difference? If we are honest with ourselves, we know the answer is yes.

As we move into the holiday season, the idea of giving back usually works its way to the forefront of everyone’s minds. It feels good to give back – we all know that. And the holiday season provides us with tangible ways to give – sharing food with those who are struggling – buying gifts for children who would otherwise go without. But as Pastor Ted Traylor often reminds us, people who need help around the holidays also need help in July. Helping others is not just a holiday activity…but this is a wonderful time of year to start.

Ministry Village at Olive offers a variety of ministries with many opportunities to help individuals and families right here in your own backyard. We would love for you to join us as we strive to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus throughout our community. Follow us over the next 5 weeks as we highlight our programs and specific ways you can help. This week, we put the spotlight on the Ministry Village Bargain Center.

The Ministry Village Bargain Center serves our community by offering gently used, high-quality merchandise at bargain center prices for the purpose of generating financial support for the Ministry Village at Olive programs and providing assistance to the community. Located near the intersection of Davis Highway and Fairfield Drive, our 12,000 square foot facility is easily accessible from Exit 4 of Interstate I-110. 100% of the net profits of the MV Bargain Center support our Ministry Village programs.

How can you serve through the Bargain Center?

  • Donate your gently used goods to be sold at the Bargain Center – all proceeds are used to fund the work of the various Ministry Village programs. Ask your friends and neighbors to bring you their donations so you can deliver them to the Bargain Center!
  • Do you like to shop garage sales? Leave the Bargain Center’s phone number (912-8222) with the garage sale organizer! Tell any “yard saler” you know to call the Bargain Center after their garage sale and schedule someone to pickup their leftover items as a donation. Or offer to come back and pickup the items yourself and deliver to the Bargain Center!
  • Volunteer at the Bargain Center! Volunteers are needed to accept donated items at the warehouse, sort donated items, organize items for sale and/or work on the sales floor.
  • Tell friends and neighbors who might not know about the Bargain Center the kinds of things we have to offer…which is a little bit of everything! Encourage others to shop with us, or organize a shopping date with a few friends and make the Bargain Center one of your stops!

Call the Bargain Center at (850) 912-8222 for more information on serving through the Ministry Village Bargain Center.

Come back next week to learn how you can get involved and serve through our Most Excellent Way program!

All volunteers through Ministry Village at Olive, Inc. must be properly interviewed and screened. Depending on the program and position, volunteers must also undergo background screening and be properly trained by MVO staff. While we are deeply appreciative for any and all support, it is our primary responsibility to those we serve to protect them and their privacy, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Those interested in serving through MVO should contact the appropriate program manager to discuss opportunities and the necessary requirements. We appreciate your understanding.

Ministry Village Bargain Center

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