Ways to Serve Through Ministry Village at Olive – Part 2

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Ministry Village at Olive offers a variety of ministries with many opportunities to help individuals and families right here in your own backyard. We would love for you to join us as we strive to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus throughout our community. Follow this series throughout November as we highlight our programs and specific ways you can help. This week, we put the spotlight on the Most Excellent Way.

The Most Excellent Way is our faith-based support group for addiction recovery, providing support to those struggling with addiction as well as their families. Groups meet weekly at OBC main campus and at our Warrington campus, and find hope by grounding themselves in Biblical principles alongside leaders who are trained in supporting others.

How can you serve?

  • Donate refreshments to be served at weekly meetings. Snacks always make everyone feel more comfortable and welcome in a group. Meetings are held on Tuesday and Friday evenings at OBC main campus and on Wednesday evenings at the Warrington campus. Become trained to lead meetings or participate in meetings as an encourager, providing much needed support and prayer leadership.
  • Become trained to serve as a mentor to a man or woman who is struggling with addiction challenges. Some people just need to know they have 1 single person they can call who will listen – someone who is pulling for them – someone who believes in them. You could be that person.

Contact Scott Heald (SHeald@MinistryVillage.org or 850 475-1112) for more information on serving through Most Excellent Way.

Come back next week to learn how you can get involved and give back through our Charis House program!

All volunteers through Ministry Village at Olive, Inc. must be properly interviewed and screened. Depending on the program and position, volunteers must also undergo background screening and be properly trained by MVO staff. While we are deeply appreciative for any and all support, it is our primary responsibility to those we serve to protect them and their privacy, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Those interested in serving through MVO should contact the appropriate program manager to discuss opportunities and the necessary requirements. We appreciate your understanding.

The Most Excellent Way

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