The Year Ahead at Ministry Village

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As we launch into a fresh new year, Ministry Village at Olive is excited about the opportunities on our horizon to continue making an impact throughout our community.

Since the Ministry Village Early Learning Center opened in the fall of 2018, MVO is excited to partner with area organizations to improve kindergarten readiness and launch our first VPK (voluntary prekindergarten) class for 2019-2020. “Our goal is to have 60 children in our VPK program,” said Stan Lollar, Executive Director of Ministry Village at Olive. “Our ELC Director, Kristi Zagar, has been doing an excellent job preparing her staff, and we are eager to make a tremendous difference in our community. There is so much research available now about early learning and how to prepare kids and their families for a successful start at school. We are very excited to be a part of that movement, and offering a Christ-centered emphasis on early education is a special opportunity for us to really impact lives throughout our area.”

Mr. Lollar is also eager to find ways for Ministry Village to be involved in shaping the response to mental health issues that are plaguing our community. “There were more than 47,000 suicides throughout the US in 2017. There is just such desperation in our communities – people who have lost all hope and are hurting. A focus on mental health is desperately needed – issues surrounding PTSD, veterans, the homeless – caring for those with mental illness would spill over into so many other problems like drug and alcohol addiction, abuse and homelessness. We are working with other community partners to find ways to shape how we address these issues in Northwest Florida.”

“Our primary focus is God, no matter the programTender Hearts Caring Hands and the Bargain Center address hunger and poverty; the Charis House and Most Excellent Way tackle addiction; and the Early Learning Center focuses on childcare and education. Through each program, we prioritize a relationship with Christ – that is the crucial element that helps with every issue life throws at us.”

“A relationship with Jesus helps to overcome addiction and provides the hope and strength for the recovery, coping and healing process. A relationship with Jesus provides the faith we need when struggles come our way, no matter what they are. Teaching the kids at the ELC to turn to Jesus when times are hard, to praise Him when times are good, to have that foundation of faith as a springboard for their futures – that is why we need to be involved in the lives of those families.”

God is the reason Ministry Village at Olive exists and He must be our focus for every one of our programs. He makes the difference between simply existing and truly living. That’s our mission – to offer Christ-centered help, hope and healing that will inspire and support people to pursue their most excellent purpose – a fulfilling purpose that only God can provide.”

Happy New Year from Ministry Village at Olive. We look forward to serving our community with your help in the coming year. If you would like to join us in our mission to express the love of Christ through acts of service, call us at (850) 473-4466 or click here to donate.

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