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Addiction Recovery, Jail, Homeless

We are on a mission to provide hope where it seems to be lost.

the most excellent way

A Faith Based Support Group for Addiction

At a time when so many are searching for the answer to addiction, the world has risen to the occasion offering one program after another. Since 1993, in our community, many have found freedom from addiction through The Most Excellent Way.

 Is the Word of God silent about this plague sweeping across our nation, and destroying everything in its path?  Is mankind a victim, unable to resist sinful impulses because of a disease and, thus, unaccountable to God?  Can one imprisoned by addiction ever be free?

Victory over addiction, self-centered behavior and an unmanageable life can be achieved through The Most Excellent Way and the Ten Attitudes of Victorious Living.  

Are You Looking for Freedom from Addiction?

Hear how this couple was radically changed by the power of Christ at the Most Excellent Way at Ministry Village.

Hope Begins With Your Donation

The Most Excellent Way Yearly Campaign

Your donation will help us run The Most Excellent Way program and cover costs like reading materials, Bibles, tokens, refreshments, etc. It also helps cover costs for jail ministry and homeless issues. In addition, the yearly Angel Tree banquet that is attended by children of incarcerated parents and provides those children with a Christmas gift, is funded through this program. The average cost per year is $35,000. Help meet this need by giving to this ministry below.

Our Goal for this Campaign is $35,000.

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Help us as we strive to point people in the right direction.

If you are called to share the love of Christ to all people through acts of service, then we would love for you to join our team and help to assist in our ministry.

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